Our Board

Dr. Riad Obegi

Executive Board Member/Chairman of the Board


Age: 57

Academic Qualifications: PHD in Economics from Université Lyon Lumière; Master’s degree in Business Administration from Université Paris IX Dauphine; Master’s degree from IEP –Paris

Dr. Obegi is currently Banque BEMO’s General Manager. In 1994, he became the Chairperson of BEMO EUROPE-Banque Privée (formerly Banque de l’Europe Meridionale.) He also chairs the Board of        Banque Bemo Saudi Fransi SA in Syria.

 Dr. Obegi has extensive tasks to include occupying the Chairperson’s position of Obegi Chemicals Group SA – Luxembourg and that of Sharikat Al Istismarat Al Oropia Lil Shark Al Aousat Holding sal. He      also serves as Board Member of Obegi Group Holding sal.

He was appointed member of the Board of Directors in 2003.

He is currently Chairperson of the Board of Directors following his election in 2010.

He also chairs the Board Credit Committee, in addition to serving as member of the Board Risk and Compliance Committee.

Furthermore, Mr. Obegi presides the Bank’s Executive Committee




  • Banque Bemo SAL

    Banque BEMO SAL is a commercial bank whose services and activities cover both the Lebanese and regional markets.

    The Bank is known for its competency in delivering high quality services and products, and for its customer satisfaction orientation. Products and services target private individuals; families; medium and large sized local companies; international and subsidiaries of multinationals and; banks and financial institutions.

    In order to maintain its sound position, Risk Management has become an integral part of the Bank’s operations and contributed to maintaining its strong balance sheet. This is in line with the Bank’s conservative foundations, which have provided a solid platform for the Bank to build up its value and advance its market position.

    Mr. Samih Saadeh represents Banque Bemo SAL in the Board of Directors of BSEC.



Mr. Samih Saade

Executive Board Member/Vice Chairman of the Board


Age: 63

Academic Qualifications: Master’s degree in Business Administration from the American University of Beirut; Bachelor degree in Business Administration from the American

University of Beirut; Degree in Law from the Lebanese University

Mr. Saadeh’s experience goes back to 1978 when he first started with American Express Bank Ltd New York before moving to the bank’s branch in Beirut. In 1993, he joined Bank of Beirut as Senior Credit Manager for 1 year. In 1994, he pursued his banking career with ABN AMRO Bank in Beirut as F.V.P. Corporate and Private Banking Manager. Mr. Saadeh joined Banque BEMO sal in 2003 as General Manager. He was appointed Managing Director

– General Manager in 2010.

In 1991, Mr. Saadeh served as an Appointed Lecturer at the Lebanese American University.Since 2000, he has been an Appointed Lecturer at the Association of Banks in Lebanon and member of the Deliberating Jury for Masters’ Degree in Banking Studies. In addition, he delivers seminars and courses at the Higher Institute for Banking Studies (ISEB) at the St Joseph University (USJ).

In addition, Mr. Saadeh is member of the Board of Directors of Bemo Securitization (BSEC), and he represents Banque BEMO sal in the Board of Directors of Banque Bemo Saudi Fransi – SA in Syria.

He was appointed member of the Board of Directors in 2010.

He is currently Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors – General Manager since his appointment in 2013.

He serves as member of the Board Credit Committee and Vice Chair of the Executive




    Prof. Nasri Antoine Diab

    Educational Background:

  • Ph.D. of Law with Honor Scholarship from the French Government, and with Highest Honors, Award of the Best Theses – Université Panthéon-Assas, Paris 2

  • Master of Laws (LLM) – Georgetown University

  • Post-Graduate in Business Administration – Université Libre de Bruxelles – Solvay

  • Post- Graduate degree (DEA) in Private Law – Université Saint Joseph

  • Two "Licenses", in Private Law and Public Law – Université Saint Joseph

  • Certificate of Corporate Taxation – HEC Saint-Louis Brussels



    Professional Experience:

    Author of 5 legal books and more than 80 legal articles:

    Published in Paris, Beirut, London and Brussels

    • Lawyer the Beirut Bar

    • Lawyer at the Paris Bar

    • Professor of Law (Beirut and Paris)

    • President of the Scientific Committee of the Beirut Bar Law Review "Al Adl"

    • Member of the Legal Commission of the Association of Banks in Lebanon

    • Member of the Professional Ethics Committee of the Beirut Bar

    • Member of the Arab Arbitration Group of the ICC

    • Member of the International Arbitration Committee of the ICC – Lebanon

    • Member of the Committee on Arbitration of the Beirut Bar

    • Member of the Legislation Committee of the Beirut Bar

    • Member of the Lebanese Association of Taxpayers’ Rights and Interest (ALDIC)

    • Member of the Committee for the Coordination with the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (La Haye) of the Beirut Bar

    • Member of the Medical Ethics Committee of hospital Hôtel-Dieu de France

    • Former Vice-President of the Private Law Section at the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences at Saint-Joseph University.

    • Former member of the Prime Minister’s Legal Consultative Committee.

    • Former member of the Commission of Modernization of the Laws at the Ministry of Justice.



    Dr. Fouad Zmokhol

    Educational Background:

  • Doctorate in Business Administration – Newport University – USA/California

  • Masters of Business Administration – Lebanese American University (LAU)

  • Bachelor of Science in Management / Economics – Lebanese American University (LAU)

  • French Baccalaureate (C series: Mathematics) Collège Louise Wegman



    Professional Experience:
    • Co-Owner and Managing Director of Zimco Group

    • CEO, SAPDIB (Africa)

    • President of the Association of Lebanese Business People in the World (RDCL World)

    • Professor at University Saint Joseph – Beirut (USJ)

    • Professor,Lebanese American University (LAU)

    • Keynote speaker at national, regional and international conferences

    • Author of various publications and research papers

    • Board member in several private institutions: BSEC (BEMO Group); ITG (HOLCOM Group) as Advisor to the Board of Directors

    • Board member in prominent organizations: AUF's International Strategic Orientation Board, as representative for the Middle East region; Forum Francophone des Affaires (FFA); Institute of Directors (IoD); Strategic Committee of the Management Faculty at Saint Joseph University (USJ); Advisory Board of the Management Faculty at the Lebanese American University (LAU); Management Committee at Collège Notre Dame de Jamhour (NDJ)



    Dr. Salim Chahine

    Educational Background:

  • Doctorate of Philosophy in Business Administration (option: Finance). Aix-Marseille III University – France.

  • MSC in Financial Engineering. Marseille Business School – France.

  • Master of Research in Banking and Finance (D.E.A.). Aix-Marseille III University – France.

  • B.S. in Financial management. Saint-Etienne University – France.



    Professional Experience:
    • Professor of Finance and holds the Abdul Aziz Al Sagar Endowed Chair in Finance

    • Acting Dean at the Olayan School of Business - AUB.

    • Board Member at Salman Group, KSA – Bahrain

    • Economic and Financial Advisor at Banque Bemo SAL